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Alex's 40th Birthday Party

It's been over 5 years since I've done a black-and-white, Avedon-style photobooth and I have never done one with friends and family in Oregon. There is no better way to celebrate my many years in photography than to gift myself (and you) with free, fun portraits to capture this moment in time!

Help me celebrate my 40th birthday by dressing up and bringing yourself and any friends and family you wish to be photographed with.

When & Where

Drop in any time between 1-7pm for a slice of cake, a glass of champagne, and a few portraits on Saturday, April 16th at Gray Lab Studio: 314 SW Monroe Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333

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What do you mean by "dressing up"?

Whatever "dressing up" means to you, do that. That could mean wearing a dress, your favorite band t-shirt, or a dinosaur costume – anything that would look either nice or fun in a black and white photograph.

Will there be food?

This isn't a traditional party so there won't be any catering or anything like that. We will have cake and champagne and few non-alcoholic options.

There's a bathroom, right?

Yes, absolutely. But there is no kitchen.

Who can I bring to this thing?

I am hoping to take lots of group photos in the style of Richard Avedon (see more examples below). So this is a great opportunity for you to bring friends, your kids, mom, grandpa, etc to be photographed with. I don't think the studio allows animals, so please don't bring pets unless they are very easy to carry the whole time. 

Do I have to be photographed?

Portraits are the point of this event. If you are uninterested in participating in that, then I advise you to find a different way to celebrate with me. One option is to attend my DJ night at Bombs Away Cafe at 8pm on Tuesday, April 12th!

Are you accepting gifts?

Gifts are not expected but if you're the type who LIKES to shop for gifts, here are some things I like: 

• Poisson d'Avril cards

• Italian cookbooks

• Edison light bulbs

• Tiki mugs/Tiki shot glasses

• Kidrobot-style art toys

• Quirky earrings

• Snacks in these flavors: mint, vanilla, black licorice, mustard, pickle, wasabi, cinnamon

• Any nice booze

• Fun socks (I'm a size 7 shoe)

Do I need to RSVP?

This is more of just a drop-in event, which is why it runs for so long (1-7pm). So just come whenever is convenient for you. If you want to let me know you're coming, please feel free to message me:

How's parking?

Very good, actually. Most downtown parking in Corvallis is free. There are lots of spots just in front of the studio but also many more nearer the waterfront, near the Whiteside, the courthouse, etc.

Will I get to see the photos afterward?

Yes, after the event this page will become either the host page for the photos or it will have instructions on how to access the photos. They will be free for you to use however you want to. They are my gift to you. 

Group Portrait Examples

(Just to give you an idea of my inspiration for this event.)

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File_33, 9/11/12, 3:25 PM, 16C, 5972x6932 (16+440), 100%, Custom,  1/50 s, R55.5, G24.4, B37.8
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Untitled photo
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